Commercial real estate development/re-development starts with the premise:  A piece of real estate can be developed into something that fits a new and profitable purpose. 

The process is daunting and expensive with huge front-end expense and aggravation. But, after all of the zoning battles are over and the construction is complete, a new space exists where one or more tenants may do business.

The potential exists to set aside a small portion of a development as a revenue source through partnership with an outdoor advertising company.  And yet, some of the best developments do not take advantage of the opportunity for a variety of reasons, most of which come from negative experiences with outdoor billboards of a bygone era.

Today’s out of home can be different.  Rusting steel structures with printed images represent an unwelcome perception to most developers and the public alike.  And yet, there is a new era of outdoor advertising that blends carefully-crafted aesthetics with programmable, digital media with a far greater value to the advertiser and a higher revenue potential for both the property owner and the out of home provider.

Klausmeier Associates has expertise in the placement of modern digital media with maximum return for the property owner.  There are multiple options available by which a property owner can monetize an opportunity, all of which are greater than the options of the past.

The bottom line:  Most of the obstacles to hosting a billboard on a commercial property disappear, while the earning potential for the property owner increases.

Klausmeier is available for a preliminary consultation at no charge or obligation to discuss which options might best suit the needs of your development(s).

• A land-lease for a digital billboard can be worth $50,000 per year or more.

• A digital display may be shrouded in a beautiful structure, designed to match the environment in which it resides.

• A property owner may choose to develop its own digital billboard and sub-rent it to an out of home provider.

• A property owner may develop a digital billboard for its own tenants, while sharing space with paying customers.

  1. A digital billboard completely negates the need for on-site copy changes, thereby eliminating the need for regular

  intrusions by large trucks with laborers.

In most cases, every effort is made to capitalize on the use of space to maximize income.  But, in many scenarios there is an ancillary income opportunity that is overlooked or intentionally ignored:  out of home advertising.

Prime commercial real estate is commonly valued on the basis of its exposure to a large, mobile public.  That same mass of humanity is prized by out of home advertisers who wish to communicate to them and are willing to pay premium dollars to do so.