The outdoor advertising industry is changing rapidly with a new emphasis of digital media.

While the opportunity is exciting, there are many questions and concerns without independent resources to answer them.

There are over eighty manufacturers of digital billboards selling in the US and Canada in a highly competitive environment. Many vendors have excellent products and support. Many more have great intentions, but failing or incomplete solutions.  How does one select the right vendor?

A permit application for a digital billboard almost always involves a hearing before the BZA, where questions are asked about safety, illumination, and other concerns.  How does one calm the nerves of a community and what sacrifices are necessary in order to put up the board?

How does one know if a location is viable as a digital billboard site?

What are the factors that influence profitability of a digital billboard installation?

These are just a few of the questions that must be answered for a successful digital billboard deployment. 

If you have looked at the digital billboard phenomenon, but are squeamish about pulling the trigger on such a large expenditure, you are not alone.  The process can be unnerving without proper guidance.  Klausmeier Associates LLC offers such guidance, based on decades of first-hand experience.

Bob Klausmeier is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced people in the country relative to the use of programmable technology in an out of home environment.  He worked hand-in-hand as a digital display provider to Lamar and Clear Channel as the medium, starting when there were less than ten digital billboards in the US.  As a provider of the technology, Klausmeier sold more than 1,000 of the digital billboards now in use in the US, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. 

In 2013, Klausmeier partnered with another out of home expert to develop a new, exclusively digital billboard plant in Michigan.  Over the span of eighteen months, the company was granted permits for more than fourteen (14) digital billboard faces, all of which were successfully installed and are operating at 85% capacity.  All of the permits required variances.  Eight of the faces were installed in communities where billboards of any kind had been prohibited.  (see

A Presentation Package,

covering the basic concerns faced before a BZA regarding digital media.

Expert testimony before BZA meetings regarding digital out of home.

Assistance with Vendor Selection.

Today, Klausmeier Associates LLC brings its extensive experience and network of professional associates to the marketplace as a resource offering the following services: