We live in an era of financial hardship for municipal government and school systems.  Ancillary income is needed to subsidize the shortfalls that exist from tax revenue and other traditional sources.

It is difficult for school administrators and city officials to vet the many options presented by commercial enterprises, given the many constituencies that must be satisfied.  Not the least of which is the overwhelming desire by many loud voices to keep our communities and schools free from commercial distraction and interference.

Klausmeier is available for a free consultation on how your community or school system might gain needed revenue through critical partnerships with sponsors and/or advertisers.

Today, there are a wide variety of options for ancillary income through out of home advertising that involve tasteful and aesthetically pleasing presentation. Some of these options offer revenue potential in hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.  The key is to find a comfortable middle ground where the community may be served by the needed capital through acceptable out of home advertising and sponsorship options.

Bob Klausmeier is an expert in the new technology of out of home advertising, as well as an experienced developer of aesthetically pleasing solutions for communities in need of revenue.