Bob Klausmeier has devoted his entire career to the implementation of Digital Out of Home Media, a communications tool utilizing display technology to present concepts in words, graphics, photos and video. 

For nearly forty years, Klausmeier worked with business owners, advertising agencies and out of home companies in the implementation of programmable visual media into advertising campaigns or as stand-alone media.

As technology evolved, Bob used his talents in sales and marketing to stand as the go-between between those who needed the technology and the engineers who created it.  He wrote about the emerging display media for multiple publications, including Signs of the Times Magazine, Outdoor Advertising Magazine, Athletic Business, Ad Age and others.  In 2013, in partnership with the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and the Out-of-Home Marketing Association of Canada (OMAC) Klausmeier published Out of Home Magazine (, which focused heavily upon the emerging digital media.

Most recently, Klausmeier, in association with two industry experts, developed a new, regional outdoor advertising company, with a focus on digital outdoor advertising.  The company,, was successful in placing modern, digital media platforms into locations, which had historically prohibited billboard advertising. 

Bob’s company, Klausmeier Associates LLC, is so named to include a network of hundreds of media and manufacturing professionals with whom Klausmeier communicates regularly. 

It is a lifetime of accumulated knowledge and the expertise of Klausmeier and his associates that he now brings to the marketplace.

Bob Klausmeier

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